Nova Institute believes in clear and open communication, and encourages employees to talk directly with their supervisor and colleagues and vice versa. If an issue or conflict does arise, it is recommended that the individual try to resolve the problem with those directly involved. The employee may also choose to involve his or her supervisor if necessary. In discussing the conflict please remember that the agencies confidentiality policy still applies. If after this discussion the employee or supervisor feels the issue is still not resolved, he/she may request a meeting with the next level supervisor and Human Resources Coordinator or Executive Director as applicable. In the event that the employee prefers an individual meeting with the next level supervisor or any other senior management staff the supervisor will be notified. By exploring the issue in a professional and constructive fashion it should be possible to find an appropriate way to resolve the problem. Complaint Resolution Procedure The organization will act expediently if problems do occur and all individuals, whether staff or management, will be treated with fairness, respect, and consistency. All employees are encouraged to bring forward any complaints or recommendations dealing with safety, health standards, proper working conditions, performance appraisals, discipline and fair management practices, without fear of reprisal. Any disputes, controversies or suggestions must first be handled between the employee and his or her immediate supervisor, unless they are serious enough to warrant intervention by the next level supervisor or other member of the senior management team. An employee who has not obtained a solution within five business days of the circumstances that gave rise to the situation has the right to bring the matter to the attention of the next level supervisor. The Human Resources Coordinator and/or the Executive Director will be informed of the matter. That person will review the circumstances within five business days and will consult the Human Resources Coordinator or Executive Director as appropriate. Complaints should be in writing and include all relevant circumstances. The employee and supervisor will receive a solution or a written reply from the Department Manager within five more business days. If the employee is not satisfied with the response, he or she has the right to discuss the issue with the Executive Director. If the Executive Director cannot fulfill the employee’s expectations and the conflict persists, the employee may decide to bring the matter, in writing, to the chair of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director will be notified. The Board of Directors’ decision will be final.