At Nova Institute we bridge the gap between tomorrow’s technology and today’s business. Our cutting edge research group does R&D in cleantech and IoT. We also provide training and consultation services in GTA.
Our courses are exclusively in-person instructor led training with focus on practical application, and we keep our classes small. This way you will get hands on experience with personalized training. Our curriculum is always flexible to fit your needs, and our instructors speak human. Get training from experts who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Machine Learning, IoT, prototyping and more.

We invite you to join us, please get in touch, or browse our current course offerings.

Our Administration:

Maja Maher (CEO & Research Lead) –

Mostafa Maher (Head Counsel) –

Aglal Abdelsatta (Accounting) –

Ahmed Elkomy (Marketing) –

Our course instructors are industry experts with strong experience in their field, as well as passion and talent for teaching. We do our best to match each student group with an instructor that has experience relevant for that group. If you are interested in teaching a course or workshop (it can be a course we are not currently offering!) please contact us.