Machine learning is becoming an important part of the economy, not just in the software development sector but everywhere. Machines are now capable of making human like interactions, such as book appointments over the phone or act as receptionists. They can drive cars, and decide which stocks are most profitable to invest in. But machine learning is also opening up new fields in medical research, insurance companies, and even hotel services. With all this innovation emerges a need for software engineers with machine learning expertise.

This workshop will give an introduction to machine learning in general, as well as a hands-on tutorial in some technologies that make it easy to implement deep learning in real software applications, such as TensorFlow with Keras, and Pandas frameworks.

The 2-day workshop will leave you with a good basis to dig deeper into these technologies on your own. If you prefer a more thorough approach we will also offer a 6 week course including a practical portfolio project.

Both the workshop and the 6 week course will be offered during the Fall 2018 in several locations in GTA area.

If you want to be notified when a course is opening registration nearby you, please contact us.